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A school uniform is a visual representation of a school community. Wearing the school uniform or a particular standard of dress is a mark of respect for the community which one is a part of. Corpus Christi’s school uniform is designed to represent our school and the community it serves. At Corpus Christi, students are expected to always wear the correct school uniform and to wear it with respect, pride and a sense of community.

Certain elements of our school uniform provide students with safety. For example, sensible shoes that protect and support students’ feet and our school hats that protect students from the sun. Additionally, wearing our school uniform when on an excursion has the safety benefit of identification.

As a parent, you can support our uniform policy by ensuing that your child has all the required uniform pieces, ensuring that boys have shirts with room to allow for the comfortable buttoning of top buttons and tucking in of shirts and by replacing lost uniform items as needed.

The Corpus Christi uniform is sourced and supplied by the Parents & Friends Uniform committee. For your convenience, the P&F has a uniform store located on the school site. This store is open every Friday between 8.30am and 9am throughout the term. Additional times will be advertised during busy periods. Orders can be placed during the week with the office or via email and the committee will fill the orders on the following Friday. A pre-loved clothing pool also operates for uniform items suitable for reuse.