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Science emphasises outcomes for students that are both knowledge and skills-based. The planned units are dynamic and theme-based reflecting the new Australian Curriculum. Each term of each year level addresses a different strand of Science. A wide range of texts, practical activities and web-based learning ensures our students are well prepared for high school.

The five strands of Science include:

  1. Physical World
  2. Earth and Space
  3. Living World
  4. Material World
  5. Digital Technologies

In Science and Technology lessons students will:

  • develop an appreciation of the contribution of science to finding solutions to personal, social and global issues relevant to their lives now and in the future
  • develop a willingness to use evidence and reason to engage with and respond to scientific and technological ideas as informed, reflective citizens
  • develop interest and positive, informed values and attitudes towards science and technology
  • recognise the importance and relevance of science and technology in their lives now and for their future.
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