Getting To School

Bus Routes

Students at Corpus Christi use Newcastle City bus routes with a bus stop in both directions outside of our school. Teacher supervision is provided in waiting for the scheduled bus within a reasonable timeframe of the school dismissal times.

Own Transport

In areas where there is no public transport, eligible residents may receive a subsidy for transporting their students to school by private vehicle. 

Student drop-off zones  

Students may be dropped off outside the front of the school at the Platt Street entrance. A second smaller drop zone is located near the Albert Street entrance. Both these zones are 5 minutes parking zones during the morning and afternoon school pick up times. In the afternoon, a teacher on duty will assist parents by calling students to the relevant gate as you pull up. We ask that this be done quickly. If parents wish to meet with someone within the school at this time, they need to park and walk into the grounds rather than use this drop off zone. Please do not stop or park in the bus zone during the signposted hours.

Pedestrians and Bikes

If walking from or dropping off on the northern side of Platt Street during morning and afternoon school times, students are assisted across the road by our crossing attendant. 

Walkers and bike riders can enter via both Platt Street and Albert Street entrances. Our bike rack is located near the Platt Street entrance.