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Corpus Christi Waratah

Corpus Christi Primary School, as we know it today, was opened in 1935. Catholic Education has served our Waratah community going back to 1875 with the arrival of the Dominican Sisters in Waratah.

Our school has grown under the tireless work and leadership of the Dominican Sisters, who arrived in Waratah over 130 years ago. The Sisters' first mission was to establish a school for the hearing impaired and, later came, a primary school for local children. From the early 1900s, the first primary school was in a house on Alfred Street owned by the Sisters, who also provided the staff. The school continued under the patronage and instruction of the Dominican Sisters, who led the school community faithfully until 1987. 


The students shared an adjoining paddock with a few cows in that first school for a playground. These cramped premises catered for the needs of the area for many years, known as the Rosary School and later St Joseph's, but the time came when they could cope no longer.

Corpus Christi Primary School

Corpus Christi 1960s.jpg 

1933-34: The Parish began to plan and construct a new purpose-built school to become the ground floor of the present school.

1935: The first floor was completed and was opened and dedicated by Bishop Gleeson.

1954: The second storey was completed and opened by Bishop Gleeson.

2002: A new building was completed, including an administration block, an additional classroom, a new staffroom, offices and a canteen. 

Other projects between 2002 and 2014:

  • A new library was built into the undercroft area

  • All classrooms were refurbished.

  • Extension of the lower floor verandah, allowing the infants' classrooms to open onto the main playground

  • The area under the hall was redeveloped to allow rooms to be used for multiple purposes.

2017: The Diocese acquired and developed two adjoining blocks of land and developed into an expansive grassed play area. 

2018: Two new spaces for the students to use. 

  • The Dominic Courtyard, an interactive outdoor learning area for active learning and imaginative play 

  • The fitness playground allowing the students to develop and enhance their natural strength and agility.

2020: Redevelopment and refurbishment of existing school toilets.

Corpus Christi_ Waratah-16.jpg

The Dominican traditions of prayer, learning, service and community are still evident in our school culture today. We owe much to the dedication and the high standard of education established by the Dominican Sisters. We thank our parishioners, clergy and community for their tireless work and compassionate service to Corpus Christi Primary School. We can be proud of their contribution and continue to serve our community in the Dominican values.