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There are important technical steps that we ask parents to support especially at the outset of this Home Learning journey. Attached to this page are some important instructions on how parents can connect and download the different access platforms for successful home learning. 

Our first priority is student using their emails via the MN connect page (Link 1).This is a logistical decision as all student share an email structure that allows teachers to access and connect efficiently with the whole class. Parent emails are varied. the link to enable this at home is below. 

Our second priority is installing Office 365 on home devices using the student school email sign in details (each student gets 5 installs per email). If nothing else this is a significant cost saving is parents are setting up a device in the home. The link to enable this is below. 

Our third priority but potentially the one with the most potential, is to download the Zoom app so that students can access ZOOM meetings with teachers and classmates as a regular contact with school while at home. We cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see the students faces light up when they are connecting face to face online. It really makes our day as teachers as much as it does the kids. It truly is an invaluable resource during these crazy times. 

Invitations are sent via the student emails (hence why we need them accessing their won emails) but Zoom will need to be installed on the device. The link to enable this is below. The following instructions ensure you download and sign into zoom using the studnet's organisation emails. Please follow them directly. If you are using a zoom using your own organisational emails, the students will need to accesss it via the following instructions.